Recieve $5 off Your Next Hair Service
To receive 10% off from your hair service at Royalty
Salon, just refer 1 new people
Guide lines

1) New referrals only

2) A 10% discount will be given to the referrer for every new referral that
received a service at Royalty Salon

3) Minimum of 1 new referral person

4) The referrals must  have written proof of who they were referred from

5) The referrer must keep track of who they referred

6) New referral have to receive a service at Royalty Salon

7) The 10% discounted services has to be schedule with in Royalty Salons
business hours.
Referred By_______________________________________________________

Please Contact - Royalty Salon LLc
907-884-1843 for more info or
2706 Fairbanks St suite 1 Anchorage, Ak

Please feel free to print this page and use as a voucher for referrals that you