The Kee To Beauty Maintenance
Here are some helpful tips for you to maintain the longevity of your new
''The Kee to Beauty'' needs to be shampooed and conditioned least
once a month
.The time line expectancy of "The Kee To beauty"  is
determined on how well you take care of the hair. Please read below
and follow the manufacturer's instruction that is recommended.
Step 1)
Before shampooing, properly place your thumb on the top of The
Kee to Beauty that is located in the front near the elastic band.
Then take the rest of your fingers and place them in the spaces
between the elastic band that is located underneath the hair line.
Step 4)
These are some tools that is recommended to be used for step 5.
A wide tooth comb, vent, or large paddle brush.
Step 2)
Before rinsing the hair makes sure the temperature of the water
is warm. Starting rinsing at the ends of the hair and gently work
your way towards the top. Repeat this processes until the hair is
completely saturated.  Once rinsing is complete. Do not squeeze
excesses water out of the hair.
Step 3
Place a quarter size amount of shampoo into the palm of your
hand. Gently rub both palms of your hands together to make a
small lather. Take your thumb and pointer finger and wrap it
around the top of the hair. Slightly apply pressure by gently
squeezing the hair . Then simultaneously slide your fingers down
towards the end of the unit. Keep repeating step 2 & 3 until your
unit is clean. Once clean, gently towel blot your unit to remove
the excess dripping water.
Step 5)
Place a quarter size amount of conditioner into the palm of your
hand. gently rub both palms of your hands together to make a
smooth and creamy texture. Then apply the conditioner by
gently messaging the hair starting at the end and working your
way towards the top. Once the conditioner is applied
immediately de-tangled the hair with one of the tools that is
recommended in step 4. Start
at the end of the hair and gently
de-tangle your way through to the top
. Once the conditioning
processes is complete then rinse the conditioner out of the hair
and follow step 6.
Step 6) Blow dry and style as desired.
If you have any other questions or concerns please e-mail  or call Royalty
Salon (907) 884-1843 ext. 3
  • Do not combing or brush the hair aggressively
  • Do not use petroleum base products
  • Do not use mineral oil base products
  • Do not use products with high concentration of alcohol
  • Do not use extremely high heat when styling
  • Do not use rubber bands
  • Do not use cotton material
  • Do not use stocking material
  • Do not use shampoo containing sulfate
  • When using a hair product please limit the amount of the
    product to the size of a dime or nickel